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Services are offered in California in the months of March, July, and November.
Services are offered in New Jersey the rest of the time.

Policy re: Outside Online Pharmacies

When it comes to your pets’ medications (and YOURS, for that matter), there are concerns about the safety and efficacy of drugs supplied through non-veterinarian  channels.  (FDA re:online pharmacies).  By offering our own online store option, we are trying to stay cost-competitive for your benefit, providing you with an authorized distributor of veterinary pharmaceuticals.  As a bonus, your dollars stay in your local economy rather than funding a corporation.

That being said, I will never refuse your right to shop around.  I am willing to write prescriptions for your pet’s medication(s), assuming s/he is up-to-date with timely examination and necessary testing. (AVMA re: Prescriptions and Pharmacies).  You may then submit the original signed prescription(s) to the pharmacy of your choice.  I ask for your understanding, as I will not communicate directly (by phone, fax, or email) with any online  pharmacy.  Also, I am unable to email a prescription for your pets’ medications to you, as this would be a violation of State Law.

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