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Sterling Veterinary Services - Housecalls

California: P.O. Box 1465, Monterey CA 93942 | 831-241-4383

New Jersey: P.O. Box 313, Raritan NJ 08869 | 908-300-8284

End of Life

Services are offered in California in the months of March, July, and November.
Services are offered in New Jersey the rest of the time.

California:  831-241-4383

New Jersey:  908-300-8284


Palliative Care / In-home Hospice Care
Palliative care neither hastens nor postpones death. It is an alternative to prolonged suffering, either in the isolation of intensive care or at home with inadequate treatment. Hospice's emphasis on the dying pet's quality of life gives the family precious quality time and helps the family cope with the approaching death of the pet.
Nursing care provided includes, but is not limited to: providing and maintaining adequate bedding (to prevent bed sores), respiratory care (including nebulization, turning every 4 hours, etc. to prevent aspiration pneumonia), urinary and fecal elimination management (to prevent urinary scald and urinary tract infections), nutritional support, hydration, and physical therapy / mobility therapy (including massage, passive ROM exercises, etc. depending on the situation).
We will work in cooperation with your pet's current veterinarian if there is one already.
More information on Pet Hospice care can be found on the following websites (more available upon request): AHELP Project, Pet Hospice FAQ, Veterinary Hospice Care

In-home Pet Euthanasia
Before veterinary hospitals, at-home pet euthanasia was the norm. With time, we have come around full circle to the human-animal bond and appreciate the value of in-home pet euthanasia. When the time comes, phone or email for further information. You can also go here to read answers to frequently asked questions about in-home pet euthanasia.
More information on pet loss and bereavement can be found on the following websites: Argus Institute, UCDavis Veterinary Medicine Pet Loss Resources, Papillon Center for Loss & TransitionGrief Support Center at Rainbow Bridge, Pet Loss and Grief Support Resources
*** Also, please remember that pets grieve too. Schedule a housecall appointment and Dr. Magee will provide you with information on wat to expect and what to look out for.
If you choose to retain your pet for at-home burial, there is a more meaningful, organic way with PawPods.
You can create a memorial for your pet at Rainbow Bridge, at APLB's In Memoriam, or at ( also has a Facebook page).
Another beautiful way to honor your pet is a portrait by Carol Keyes, a Monterey peninsula artist:
You can make a tax-deductible donation in honor of your pet to the California Veterinary Medical Foundation.
*** Are you unsure whether your pet needs Palliative Care or is ready to be given his or her wings through Euthanasia? Please schedule a consultation appointment and, as part of a professional assessment, Dr. Magee will provide tools you can use to assess, track, and monitor your pet's quality of life.